Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Lost Art of Masturbation

You're a teenager again. Bedtime. You make sure your  bedroom door is closed,  huddle deep into your blankets and think about the day. Time to fantasize about THAT PERSON. That one person that causes butterflies in your belly everytime you so much as think about them. All day you waited for that one glimpse of them.  Sigh...You picture them now. The butterflies increase as a heat radiates through your groin. Slowly you move your hand inside your panties and indulge in your favorite past time. Masturbation.

Remember those days? What ever happened to the lost art of masturbation? Our days are now filled with work, rushing around, taking care of everyone but ourselves. Before you know it we're full grown women. Most of us have partners or lovers. Guaranteed butterflies right? Nope. We realize that we can't  feel those butterflies anymore. Even when we TRY to feel in the mood. Our lovers wonder what they're doing wrong. WE wonder what we're doing wrong. Is the excitement really gone? Like forever?

I say no! Passion still lives in each and every one of us, we simply need to tap into it again. A good start is to take  a few moments at the end of every day and indulge in pure fantasy. ALONE. Just you. No audience. Shut your door. Read an erotic novel. Maybe listen to  music that taps into your primal core. Wear something silky. Do whatever it is that makes you FEEL again. Bring back that long lost past time, the art of masturbation, and feel the passion stirring once again.

 ADULT EXCERPT/Peppermint Sticks/May Water
Oh, yes,” Molly groaned. Her right hand and wrist ached as she
pressed the attachment tip of the vibrator down on her sweet spot.
Since her pussy was so wet, she had to exert a lot of pressure to keep
the tip firmly in place. The pain was borderline sadistic, yet she
relished it. Sweat beaded on her forehead, so she kicked the blankets
off her feet forcefully until her feet were free.
She did her best to not hear the scrape of the shovel outside the
window or the sound of children playing in the snow banks. She
struggled to focus only on squeezing her inner cunt muscles while she
pressed the spot to the left of her throbbing clit. When she held her
breath, the sensation was even more sensational. Molly soon got lost
in this pattern of exquisite bliss—thankfully blocking out the external
Suddenly, the vibrator stopped vibrating, and she was yanked out
of her zone. She gazed down at the vibrator in disbelief as panic
washed through her. After a few whacks on the bed, it started up. But
the malfunction definitely threw her off. When she heard the puppy
scratching on the bedroom door, she cursed. “Fuck!”
She had been at it for about fifteen minutes and was so close to
coming. There was no way she would give up now. She had been at it for about fifteen minutes and was so close to
coming. There was no way she would give up now. She growled and squeezed those cunt muscles even more and pressed down harder with
the vibrator, this time pressing right on her throbbing clit. An act she
was sure would have made even the toughest of girls jump right out of
their skin. I’m going to finish this for the love of God!


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Monday, November 29, 2010

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